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SODs Recital is a rite of passage for hundreds of youngsters, a chance to shine in front of family and friends that is anticipated with nervous excitement.  SOD’s Recital offers our dreamers a professionally directed performance that allows them to present to their families and friends with the results of a year of hard work, dedication, and progress.

A big part of the dance training process includes learning through performance. The experience helps build self-esteem and confidence.  Onstage experience can also result in better school presentations, improved social skills, and strong interview skills for future college or job opportunities. Participating in rehearsals helps children develop retention skills, teamwork, and adaptability.

We’ve created this handbook in an effort to clarify what is required in terms of commitments and responsibility in order to make the Recital a great experience for students, teachers, parents, tech crew, and audience members alike.   We’re going to have a GREAT show and we look forward to sharing it with you!

Recital Overview

  • What: Street of Dreams presents.. “Imagine”
  • When: Wednesday, June 7th and Thursday 8th
  • Where: Lincoln Way EAST, 201 Colorado Ave, Frankfort
  • Shows Times: 6:30 pm
    Dreamers should arrive in full costume, with hair and makeup done 45 Min before show.
  • What Show Is My Child In? (See this PDF)

Mandatory Show Dress Rehearsal & Show Order

  • In order to participate in the recital, all dancers must attend the mandatory dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal is exactly like the real thing, this means costumes, tights, shoes, hair, makeup and lights! We have to pretend this rehearsal is exactly like the real show if we want to get the best results come recital day. The dreamers only have this one last practice before the big day, so please attend to help the children feel as prepared as possible. Parents are asked to stay for dress rehearsal and supervise their young children. Dreamer supervision will only be provided on the actual recital day.
  • All dreamers should arrive in full costume, with hair and makeup done for their rehearsal on June 6th and find their class in the theatre. Room Moms Must be present for Dress Rehearsal!
  • Location of Dress Rehearsal:
    Tuesday, June 6th Lincoln Way EAST
  • June 7th Show Order
  • June 8th Show  Order

    *Dreamers are FREE TO LEAVE once they have practiced onstage and had their class picture. Dancers in only one routine can expect to be at the theater for approximately 35-45 minutes.

Dressing-Room Etiquette

Dreamers are reminded to respect other students’ space and property in the dressing rooms. The students will spend more time in the dressing rooms than onstage, so keeping these areas organized and clean is important.  A parent “pep talk” in this department goes a long way in preventing lost shoes and accessories.  Please label all costumes/ shoes. Only water is allowed in the dressing rooms. Please limit snacks to portable, non-messy ones such as fruit snacks.   Dreamers are reminded not to go into the theater or lobby areas in costume before, during or after the shows.


Grand Finale/Pick up instructions

All dreamers participate in the Grand Finale at the end of the recital.  The finale is rehearsed in classes during the last month of classes. After all finale bows, our room moms,teachers will take your dreamers back downstairs to their designated areas. Each area has a color coordinated with their levels.  All level 2 (12 and younger) and younger classes, parents meet and check out your dancers downstairs in the green room in their designated area (Info coming). All level 3 (13 and older) decide with your family where you will meet in school lobby area.

Home Practice

Dreamers are encouraged to practice their Recital choreography on a regular basis. You may order a copy of your child’s recital music at the front desk after May 15th.  A charge of $5 per USB applies.

Home Video weeks- May 1st-13th If you would like to come into the class to video tape with your own device, Your teacher will let you know when its time to come in.

ORDER YOUR RECITAL TEE SHIRT NOW!!! turn your order forms in by May 21st -Forms at studio or print here.

Tee shirt form Print & Click here Get yours NOW!!


We spend many hours determining the right costumes for each class. They are always age-appropriate and of the highest quality possible.  Costumes include accessories, but not tights or shoes.  The studio policy is to hold all costumes until the family balance is paid in full. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Although rare, alterations and/or exchanges are sometimes needed.  SOD has affiliation with a seamstress, if we can exchange we will, if needing altered we will get it taken care of. Alterations deadline is May 29th . After May 29th it is you are responsible.

Costumes are distributed as they arrive to the studio; usually in the month  Mid-May. Costumes come from a variety of manufacturers, so dreamers with multiple costumes may not receive all of their costumes at the same time. To ensure that there are no costume problems, students should not wear their costumes, prior to their photo session, dress rehearsal, or performance.

  • Proper Tights & Shoes
    In order for each class to look polished and professional onstage come recital day, we ask that parents purchase the correct color and style of shoes, tights, and or socks to be paired with the dancer’s recital costumes. Please find your dreamer’s class(es) attached below and provide the proper shoes and tights ready for dress rehearsal day. Dont forget to use our VIP cards and recieve discounts at Star Dancewear in Orland when ordering tights/shoes.  Get your card at the front desk!
  • LINKS to ORDER Shoes/ Tights
  • LINKS to Class Shoes/ Tights


  • All dreamers should arrive for both the rehearsal on June 6th and the recital in full costume with hair and makeup done.
  • We would like all dreamers, even the little ones, to wear some makeup to not appear washed out onstage. Black mascara and a plum-like purple eye shadow should be worn on the eyes. Cheeks should be a true pretty pink with a red lip. Please no fuchsia or very bright red lipstick. Older dancers’ makeup should be applied quite heavy for stage. Remember, the lights are very bright and without makeup, faces become washed out from afar.


  • All dreamers should arrive for both the rehearsal on June 6th and the recitals in full costume with hair and makeup done.
  • ALL DREAMERS should wear their hair half up/half down, off your face/back down Should be very neat and tidy. Bangs up/down is your preference. Curled or Straight/braided  is your preference. We just want to see their beautiful faces. Examples here.  If accessory/bow for costume, your teacher will inform you in costume hand outs. All ballet pulled back in low buns.

Ticket Sales

Performance tickets are $16-$22 per RESERVED seating ONLY. Tickets will go on sale Friday, May  5th, 9am ONLINE only . First come first serve! May sell out! There is no minimum number of tickets that must be purchased. Visit our website www.streetofdreamsdance.com and click Ticket Sales! If you need assistance ask Carlee at the front desk.- there is a computer at the studio you can use as well. Make sure you have the Correct Show!!!! Correct list is attached on page 2 of handbook.


Group Photos (Required): Purchasing a group photo is optional, but ALL dreamers will have their group photo taken after they rehearse their dance on stage during Dress Rehearsal. Ordering/Pictures will take place backstage after they have done their dress run though. Pricing and package information/forms will be available at studio front desk as well as during Dress Rehearsal Mid-may. Individual pictures will be available after group shots. Forms will be handed out to you at the studio/ backstage of dress rehearsal.


Recital Videos (Optional):   will be professionally videotaping the Recital. Order forms will be available at the SOD front desk and will also be available at the SOD table at the Dress Rehearsal.  Order forms can be dropped off at the SOD front desk.  Videotaping is allowed during the Dress Rehearsal only.  No personal video cameras are allowed in the theater during the Recital.  Please be courteous to others and respect this rule. Also DO NOT get up and leave during performances to avoid Heads in videos, exit only between dances please.

Congratulate Your Dancer with a Dreamer Happy Ad Or Advertise your business for over 2000 guests!

Don’t forget to send a special message to your dreamer in the recital program congratulating them on all their hard work leading up to the big show. Submit photos and or personal message your dreamer can cherish for years to come.  Due Date May 13th.  Click below for details…

Dreamer & Business AD Form Click Print Here

Street of Dreams is looking for Room Moms to help out on recital day; we need 20 volunteers. Your responsibilities will be to stay with the assigned class in the dressing room, bring them up to the stage, and bring them back down after they perform, and you will be able to watch the show from downstairs on a live feed T.V. Must stay until the end of the show bows! Also, you will receive a FREE fall enrollment fee for helping out. If you are interested please sign up at the front desk with Carlee or Aimee.


As the season progresses, additional Spring Recital information or updates will be posted in Studio E-Newsletters and other emails. Make it your responsibility to keep up on this important information. It’s a team effort; students, parents, teachers, and the directors are key players in the show’s success!

Street of Dreams is looking forward to an Amazing Show! We hope you found this recital handbook to be helpful! If your reading this right now I want to personally THANK you for pushing through it and being one that actually reads our information til the end:) If you can confirm you read this and go on our facebook page and post something positive about SOD, recieve a free small gift when you post your postive words and tag #Dreamscometrue@Streetofdreamsdance! #SODDance

Thanks and Good Luck to all our SOD families at this years recital.. “IMAGINE”